Time for a new photo?

You work hard at creating a great brand for maximum effect to get the best results. Your brand is everything. It is your reputation, how you answer the phone, how you dress, how you conduct business, the look of your web site and it’s continuity with your marketing materials. It’s how memorable you and your business are. You are using original photography to support this. A professional headshot gets up to 14 times more views and 9 times more connection requests on LinkedIn. Your headshot needs to reflect all of this.


A headshot is often the first impression people get of you. They say you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s very important to make it as professional as possible. That first impression needs to be a good one. That first impression is not forgotten easily.

You want a first impression that gives the perception of being approachable and similar.  So consider your target market when choosing a style of headshot, a background, and your wardrobe or jewelry.



As far as your wardrobe goes, mimic your target audience. You can bring several tops, ties and jackets and we will help you choose. You should wear collared shirts and not turtlenecks, no bright colors, no patterns, little to no jewelry, makeup should be light and minimal. We highly recommend a makeup artist, no extra long lashes, and please remember - no sleeveless (even consider no short sleeves). Everything should fit well and be as wrinkle free as possible. If you normally wear a t-shirt under your shirt, don’t....it causes creases that are difficult to get rid of.


We can give you different looks for different purposes. For example, a business headshot is not an actor/actress headshot and certainly not a glamour shot. No, selfie photos or selfie angles are not appropriate. But yet you still see both out there and you get a distinctive impression of the person way before you have met them. We strive to make your image represent you and target your intended audience. Beware of photographers with only one look on their site. They may not have the experience to produce what you need.


Ok, so you’ve already thought of all these things but what about retouching.  You may not need any.  Usually our corporate/business headshot clients do not do any retouching.  If it is needed, it should be as light as possible.  You want to look like yourself, not a manikin.


A professional photographer since 1989, we create photographs for advertising, corporate, and editorial clients. We take pride in the diversity of our projects with subjects ranging from people and products to architecture.

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